Ishikaa Lunawat

Master's student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University


My passion lies in solving complex problems at the intersection of Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Robotics. I thrive on crafting innovative solutions towards embodied and intelligent systems and robots.

Currently, I’m a master’s student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, in the Information Systems and Science track. I completed my undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli, India.

Previously, I pursued my summer internship as a Robotic Perception Intern at the iROSA group (Intelligent Autonomous Systems Lab) at Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany. My work revolved around a vision model that learns a generalizable 3D scene representation for 6DoF grasping.

I also worked on real-time sleep staging using Interbeat Interval (IBI) of Heart in collaboration with Omynk Inc., USA as a part of my bachelor’s thesis. Additionally, I conducted research at the Pattern Recognition Laboratory in IIT-BHU as a Computer Vision Intern on gait recognition and developed novel 3D Convolution models to tackle issues with occluded frames.

During my undergraduate study, I was a part of the Spider R&D Club as a Machine Learning Researcher. My role involved contributing to interdisciplinary projects, organizing knowledge-sharing sessions and mentoring juniors.